Imperial 2

Imperial 2

Sterling Services’ largest project to date is producing the precast concrete panels for the largest two tower blocks for the Imperial 2 scheme in Bromley-By-Bow.

These new homes in East London will form part of the most important regeneration scheme in the area since the 2012 Olympics.

There are two unique features on this project for us, firstly the client requested the concrete panels to be green and secondly the windows are being installed at our factory.

Getting the right colour green consistently for the concrete has been a great challenge for the team and the client is very happy with the result.

Normally windows are installed after the panels have been placed in situ but under modern methods of construction, it was decided to install the glass at our factory with the whole unit being transported carefully to London.

Alliance Facades, who are installing the glass are currently based at our factory and the idea seems to be working extremely well as they are able to work in controlled conditions while being able to comply with the current Covid-19 restrictions.