Celebrating 25 Years of Sterling Services!

Celebrating 25 Years of Sterling Services!

This August marks Sterling Services' 25th birthday!

We have come a long way from those early days of renting a space in a concrete yard, to make a few panels for a small install job! We are now a thriving and established competitor in the architectural precast industry, Sterling’s precast can be seen, pride of place, all over the UK.

The journey of Sterling Services

Sterling Services was co-founded by Joe Cefai and Kevin Lazenby back in 1997 when they saw the opportunity to complete the manufacture of precast units for a project they were working on. Kevin and Joe were contracted as installers for the project at the time; little did they know that they would spend the next 20 years until their retirements steadily growing a company which now turns over £8M+.

Above you can see the site as it was prior to investment from our parent company, The Garenne Construction Group, in 2017.

The resulting manufacture shed and gantry crane (Below) allowed us to increase our manufacturing capabilities significantly.

Chris Bell took over from Joe Cefai (pictured together, below) as MD for Sterling in 2013. Since then Chris has nurtured Sterling with the support of Garenne Group and quadrupled it’s turnover. We are now capable of taking on and delivering contracts of up to £10M, thanks to a highly competent team and modern facilities.

A word from our MD: Chris Bell

I am incredibly proud to celebrate Sterling’s 25th Anniversary with you all! The achievements that we have made as a company over the past 25 years are all thanks to a collective effort by every member of staff and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our employees for their hard work. 

The growth that we have enjoyed over the past 9 years has meant taking on bigger challenges with each project we undertake; whether it be in sheer quantity of panels, intricate design or the use of pigment. By taking these challenges in our stride and excelling with the outcome, we have developed a fantastic reputation in the construction community for our quality and ability to overcome any hurdles that come our way. 

Our parent company, Garenne Group have provided us incredible support over the years and we could not have achieved the growth without them. Since we became part of the Garenne Group back in 2011, Garenne have believed in our vision to become one of the main competitors in our field, assisting us in improving our manufacturing facilities and backing us every step of the way. 

We have more growth and improvements to look forward to over the next few years, with further factory improvements that will improve on the process of our loading capacities and streamline manufacturing even further. Despite the difficult economic climate and effects of the pandemic we have continued to expand and delivered some exceptional projects, such as Imperial Towers which stand at 18 & 27 stories high and featured our green exposed aggregate concrete cladding. 

There is a positive future for our business in an expanding precast facade market and we will continue to reach milestones like this with the continued dedication and hard work of our team. Thank you and here’s to the next 25 years!

Chris Bell

Managing Director

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